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KURUSO is dedicated to bring you the finest food ingredients that are grown and naturally produced in the grounds of the purest and unpolluted areas of the Mediterranean: Greece.

With respect to Minoan Cretan & Greek  tradition, KURUSO (Gold) provides you with Superior Category of: olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, olive paste & organic herbs for taste, health and healing.

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Organic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive oi & Organic Extra virgin olive oil. The juice is extracted under cold pressure, and maintaining this way all the natural ingredients of the olive fruit.

Delicatessen & Flavored

The extraction of olive oil is performed in licensed manufacturing plants using only cold press extraction methods. This ensures that the extra virgin olive oil retains all its natural health benefits and flavor.
All the process, from the harvesting, to the subsequent crushing over the olives, the subsequent crushing and the bottling of our extra virgin olive oil , is performed under E.U manufacturing regulations.

Olive Paste

This paste can be made with black olives or green, however, best used with a good grade of olives and feta cheese. You can spread it on crackers or bread, add it to pasta or deviled eggs, or mix it with vinaigrette to create a unique salad dressing or marinade for steamed vegetables. Use on boiled meats, grilled fish, and sandwiches.

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Organic Herbs

Traditional cures from plants and herbs have been used by herbalists and apothecaries throughout the centuries. Herbs do more than simply adding flavour and colour to your favouite dishes, their healing and restorative powersare pretty impressive too.

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